Saturday, March 22, 2008

Great Uses for Old Pantyhose

When your pantyhose have runs and tears in them, don't throw them away. Someone somewhere will have a use for them. Here are twenty useful ways to recycle them.
  1. Cut the legs off and use to keep all those odd bits of soap that tend to get left in the bathroom. Tie the end and keep it beside the sink for hand washing.
  2. Put mothballs into a leg and tie it to the rail in your closet
  3. Fill a leg with lavender and use to scent your closet
  4. Cut the waist off and use to tie up papers, or keep hoses and rolls of wire tidy
  5. Gardeners can use strips of fabric to tie up plants in the garden
  6. Strips cut from the waist make good hair scrunchies
  7. Scrunched up pantyhose make excellent, soft polishing cloths
  8. Put cat litter in a pantyhose leg and tie the top. This is good for absorbing damp.
  9. Cut into small pieces and use to stuff toys and pillows
  10. When paint goes lumpy you can strain it through a stretched out piece of pantyhose
  11. If you drop something small on the floor and can't find it (such as an earrings, button, etc), cut the leg off some old pantyhose and put it over the nozel on the vacuum cleaner. The suction will lift up the lost object and leave it stuck to the pantyhose.
  12. Clean your fish tank. If you have one of those wet and dry vacuum cleaners (don't try it with an ordinary one!), use the method above to vacuum the gravel in the tank. You will be able to clean it without emptying, or disturbing the fish.
  13. Rubbing polished shoes with nylon pantyhose gives them an extra gleaming shine
  14. Keep spare, or used rolls of wallpaper in the legs of old panyhose. It stops them from tearing and helps keep them clean.
  15. If you cut them into strips you can save money on cotton balls for removing nail varnish. These do the job very well if you dip them into your favourite remover.
  16. Use old pantyhose to hang dry sweaters. You don't get peg, or line marks on them this way. Just thread them through the arms and tie them to the line.
  17. Store onions in the legs of your pantyhose. You can simply hang them up and they will keep well with the good air circulation.
  18. In the garden you can store flower bulbs in the same way as above. They will get a good circulation of air and will be protected from mice and other creatures looking for a tasty snack.
  19. When repotting your houseplants put a circle of pantyhose in the bottom of the pot before filling it. This stops soil being washed out of the bottom each time you water.
  20. If you are lucky enough to have a pool, stretch a piece of pantyhose over the skimmer and you will catch all those tiny particles that you usually miss

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gerbe - French Men's Pantyhose!

There is a very popular video on youtube about an French Manufacturer called Gerbe who has designed pantyhose for men. It is all in French, but just like anything else, especially pantyhose, it's all about visual. Don't you agree?

View the video at

I will post a blog about the Gerbe line so stay tuned.


Hourglass Toner Tights from Aristoc is the latest best-seller in their Body Toners line.
When you first put on Hourglass Toner Tights, the latest best-selling in Aristoc' Body Toner line, you will immediately see the benefits: a reduced waistline, slim hips and an overall improved figure. The ultimate in all over shaping designed to define your sihouette and smooth away all unsightly bulges. Finished with a touch of silk, which help to moisturise skin during wear.
Sizing and details at

Oroblu Shock Up Pantyhose

Shock up pantyhose by OROBLU is said to be the best kept secret in shaping hosiery. OROBLU Shock Up Pantyhose has a special panty that give a higher, rounder shape to the buttock. At 40 Denier, it contains at medium compression band for a slim waist without producing bulges. Apparently some celebrities wear Shock Up on the RED CARPET to trim 2 inches of the hips.

Colors range from Sand (very light) Nude, Taupe, Cacao, Singapour (grey/black), Black

Retails at $31.00. Available at

Reviews from publications:
- Legwear companies like Wolford and Oroblu continue to give women a boost in the derriere. "Jennifer Lopez wears Oroblu's Shock Up pantyhose in her movie Shall We Dance. The hose are especially designed to give a higher, rounder shape to the buttock," says national sales manager Amy Wong.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Entertainers in Pantyhose

Found some great photos of Entertainers in Pantyhose.

Beyonce is Charnos Fishnets? (L), Aguilera in Suede Matte 70? (R)

Keisha (Sugababes) obviously in Pretty Polly

Monday, February 18, 2008

It's A New Day.

I am an Advocate of all Legwear (glossy pantyhose, stockings, leggings, prints, shaping tights opaques, etc.) I grew up wearing it & I know it's a great accessory to any wardrobe.

Let's celebrate freedom to wear Legwear, anytime and anywhere you want. Stay tuned for reviews, suggestions, etc.

Send us your question about anything legwear and we will answer them on this blog. Drop us an email:

Life is too short, it's time to ENJOY LEGWEAR!