Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gerbe - French Men's Pantyhose!

There is a very popular video on youtube about an French Manufacturer called Gerbe who has designed pantyhose for men. It is all in French, but just like anything else, especially pantyhose, it's all about visual. Don't you agree?

View the video at

I will post a blog about the Gerbe line so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

As a man with a damaged knee cartilage, sports/medical knee braces
are horrendous to wear. I find Gerbe tights a wonderful support:) It's much easier for me to depilate (akin to waxing) all leg hair. Socks and underwear are not worn. Because I rode horses tights feel like riding jodhpurs, a lovely sensation. Veins in legs are less varicose looking that looks horrid.

Anonymous said...

these tights are not just for french men :-)

Anonymous said...

Pantyhose,tights,leggings or stockings are very sensuous to the look,feel,and the compression sometimes used. Personally, for me ,I'm a narcissist. I've always had a "fetish" if you will for the smooth silky,sensuous look and feel of a expensive pair of glossy pantyhose WITH 5 or 6 inch high heels to accentuate the length of the legs. I'm very tall,and with high heels I'm even taller. I've been wearing them for decades inside my home . Online I show off my long legs for those interested in seeing a very tall man in my pantyhose,high heels and usually a satin or silk kimono. Yes, I do sometimes get wet in them too.